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One of the services that makes the Great Little Events Company unique in its field is our event strategy consultation.  So often, we speak to clients who want to throw an opening party or product launch or create an events programme for a new venue and they have a budget and an idea of numbers, but they're not sure what they want to achieve from the event itself.  We believe getting this right is of paramount importance.  

Curating and creating events is far more than booking a venue and sending invitations - if a client is going to spend a significant amount on an event, we know that it's essential to plan the strategy first, ensuring that the event backs up the client's brand values and is worth every penny.   Georgina, founder of the Great Little Events Company, has a background in media strategy, having spent four years working with Vizeum, one of the world's leading strategy agencies, with clients including BMW/Mini, 20th Century Fox, Burberry, Facebook and IKEA, amongst others. She is available to consult with clients prior to beginning any event planning, in order to ensure that the event is approached strategically and smartly.  

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Event strategy consultation can be tailored to any business and brand, on an on-going basis or for a one-off event and is totally bespoke to your requirements, with a guarantee of clarity and more efficient focus on events afterwards.  To discuss your company's event strategy, get in touch here.