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Brighton Gin Event Strategy

Brighton Gin are a fast-growing and internationally recognised leading gin brand who have a great deal of brand loyalty from their customers and are symbiotic of Brighton’s free-spirited, inclusive and creative vibe. They were buckling under the weight of trade, public and consumer events that they needed to attend, as well as being keen to put on their own branded events but not knowing where to start. The Great Little Events Company ran a strategic workshop with their founder and CEO to clarify and streamline their event commitments and ensure their own events chimed with their brand values.


We created a strategic brand values exercise to understand the core values that makes the brand so loved by consumers and established the brand’s basic requirements from each event they attend. We then went through the planned events calendar and streamlined the event commitments, so that only events that corresponded with their brand values remained.

After that, we brainstormed creative event ideas, led by Georgina to come up with a long list of event possibilities. We carried out a strategic targeting exercise to whittle these ideas down to a top five, which corresponded with the brand’s values in every way.

We finished with creating an actionable, targeted timing plan, with agreed ‘to do’ points for every member of staff involved, to ensure that the workshop was both quantifiable and accountable. The client left the workshop with hugely increased clarity and understanding of their event commitments, a stronger brand value focus and an actionable time plan for every event agreed during the session.

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